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Great value.

Genuine Everyday I'm Worshiping Apparel.


This is apparel with a purpose.  Most important is the focus on daily worship.  Our lives represent a moment by moment reflection of who we are.  Understanding that He knew us before we were born and that He sent His Son to die on a cross to compensate for our sins while we were yet still in our sins, should be enough to inspire us to a life of worship.  This is the inspiration of Everyday I'm Worshiping.  Wearing the shirt will open up numerous opportunities for you to share your faith.  In addition it should serve as a reminder to "self" that we represent our faith every moment and everywhere we go. 

Purchase with a purpose: 

The inspiration of this slogan and design was inspired by God.  The purpose of the brand is to offer a means of financial support for the continuation of the faith.  I am the designer and the only authorized seller at this point.  In addition I am a non-paid pastor.  My goal in life is to evangelize the faith yet my requirement to earn a living while preaching is high.  The purpose of this brand is to lighten the pressure financially that I may study God's Holy Word more often and be able to go into all the world and preach the Gospel.  It is my ultimate desire that the brand will stand alone as a financial resource to my ministry that I will be free from all other work relations so that I may dedicate 100% of my time to ministry.  In the same vision of hope, I have desire that the brand will not only afford me that priviledge but also open up the possibility of supporting other non-paid pastors as the begin their ministry.  Additionally a portion of all the profits from the sales of the brand Everyday I'm Worshiping will be given to support the African ministry The Call 4 All.  This is a non profit organization that is in the process of developing an orphan home in Kitui Africa.  It began from my last visit to the area where I saw a great need as the orhan count was high and growing rapidly.  Support for the children is minimal at best and the need is great.  So the purchase of this brand goes far in spreading the good news of Jesus Christ, teaching the word and supporting children in need.

This is a brand new EiWorship T-shirt.

We are the exclusive seller as we are the owner of the trademark for the logo and the slogan.

Any unauthorized use of either in whole or part is a violation of trademark rights.  So if you like the shirt, you will need to get if from us until it is available in Christian Stores.

That being said, Our prices are always lower than what you will find at retailers because we are an on-line seller and not a brick and mortar store front.  This saves you money because our overhead is lower.  So our markup is lowered because of that savings.

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