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Kids Ride On 12 Volt Power Big Monster Wheels Jeep Style Car

This car features a real RADIO (FM) and a USB input so you can play your favorite music.

Working headlights and tail lights.  Rollbar lights and fog lights are nonworking decorative lamps

Parental Remote Control that lets parents drive for younger children or take control of the vehicle at anytime when your child is driving themselves using the FOOT Pedal.  Your remote is a full function remote.  You can steer left or right and go forward or back.  You can even adjust the speed of the 3 Speed car with the wireless remote.

Speeds: 2, 4 and 6 MPA approximated.

Recommended age of 1-7 years of age.

Weight limit 70LBS

Single seat Car

Progressive start and stop for safety.  Car does not just start up in max speed.  It speeds up as you go if you are in top speed.  It slows down the same way but will normally come to a complete stop in about 5 feet or so.

Our cars feature upgraded remote systems that prolong the life of the car.  We also have upgraded motors and battery systems that give you the most efficient ride and durabiltiy of the vehicle.

With our upgrades we are confident that you will have your car running for several years.  We have exchange and refund policies for in store customers and on line customers who have the item shipped to them.  Please review the applicable policies below.

Exchange and refund policy for in store purchases:  As a special service to our customers, we offer after care for your purchase that goes above and well beyond the normal customer service you will find anywhere else.  In the very rare instance that your vehicle breaks down and does not function properly after the normal warranty, we are still here to serve you.  We offer live phone trouble shooting service to assist you as long as you own the car.  If we can't get you up and running with the call, we invite you to drop the car off with us for us to check it out.  If we can get it going without any parts required, we do it for free.  If we have to get parts, then you will just pay the cost of the part and our labor is free.  If shipping is required for our repair services, you will be responsible for all shipping costs, however normally we resolve issues over the phone as our technical service manager has over 20 years experience  in kids ride on toys with remote control.


Exchange and refund policy for on line purchases that are shipped directly to the customer:  All items are sold new in the box.  Although we don't ever anticipate any issue with the item, we do have a policy to cover the potential of issue with this item that may have shipping dammage or rare but possible defects.  Most often if there is an issue mechanically with this item, it is something that can be resolved quickly through a few trouble shooting efforts that can be coordinated via email or over the phone. Simple diagnosis of the issue will result in correcting it without much effort.  If it is determined that parts are needed, we will ship the parts or reimburse you for the small parts purchased that will resolve the issue.  This does require that the buyer will participate in the troubleshooting and small part replacements that are normally very easy.  More complicated repairs can be done at our facility as a last resort if our trouble shooting efforts don't correct the problem on the buyer end.  Buyer will then ship the item back to us and we will facilitate the correction and return the item to you.  Normally buyers are responsible for all shipping so correcting it on the buyers end is the most preferred resolution.  We will accept returns for refunds but please be aware that the buyer is responsible for the cost of returning the item to us and we will refund the cost of the item only and not original shipping costs since the cost of shipping is actually a third party charge.  Please be aware that this policy is valid for 30 days after the purchase.  Any issues must be reported prior to the 30th day after your completed purchase.  Please inspect your item carefully upon arrival.  As an extended service that is not offered by most of our competitors, after thirty days, we will still help troubleshoot and we will offer any needed parts at our cost which saves you money.  Again, we never anticipate issues, but this is our policy for all ride on toys.


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