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Chrome Push Button Pop-Up Drain for most standard and vessel sinks.
Very well made at a price that competes with even the lowest price pop-up.  Why pay a lot for a high end pop-up...and why buy somethign that is low quality just because you don't want to spend a lot of money.
This pop-up gives you great all metal quality at a very affordable price.
Read on for more details on the comparison of this drain with others.
This is a quality Drain With a beautiful Mirror Reflective Dome.
There are a lot of drains out there being sold at low prices, but be careful what you buy.  For my money, I want the all metal Push Button Pop-up Drain with quality metal internal components that won't break like the plastic does.
Pictures are often deceiving.  Just because it is silver in color does not mean it is metal.  There are a lot of plastic drains that are painted.

But this is a very well made all metal drain with metal components.
It comes with all the gaskets seen in the picture and comes with the O-ring on the dome to prevent leaks.
Notice the cover we put on the drain for shipping to protect the dome.
Who wants a scratched dome?
We make sure you get a beautiful pop up by puting a specially designed plastic cover over tissue that snaps on the dome for transport.  
Your drain will look awsome on your sink.



Drain Heights: 7"
Diameter top: 2 3/8"
Diameter bottom: 1 1/4"
Designed for Hole opening: 1 3/4"


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