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BLUE / Orange BOAT
Awesome boating experience.  Super fun with the remote control Twin Motor 7002 speed boat. This low profile RC boat model is new in the box.  The Double Horse RC Twin Motor 7002 Speed Boat is assembled and ready to run.  It comes with a full function control transmitter and has a remote control distance of 100 meters.

Key Features
·        High Speed Twin Motor
·        Radio transmitter
There are 2 Colors to choose from.   This is for the BLUE/ORANGE.  We do have the other color in a different listing that is yellow/green.   They are different frequencies so that you can run them together at the same time.  
NOTE:  you are buying one at a time.  We recommend one of each color.

·        Battery: 7.2V 1800mAh (see note below on battery)
·        Remote Control Distance: 100 meters
·        Running Time: 12-15 minutes
Technical Data
·        Packing Weight: 2500g
·        Product Size: 54 x 22 x 14cm
What’s in the box?
·        100%25 assembled Double Horse RC Twin Motor 7002 Speed Boat
·        Radio transmitter
·        Rechargeable Battery
·        Charger
Recommended Users
·        14 years old and up according to the manufacturer.  The boat is really quick so it may be a little difficult for youger children to use it.  Adults love this.
Required to Run
·        Boat: Rechargeable Battery (included)
·        Transmitter: AA batteries (not included)

 Note:  This is a brand new item.  We had it unopended in our warehouse for about 2 years and just discovered we had this and a few more.  We have now opened it to inspect that all parts are there.  Everything is there.     We can't test the battery but it is there.  The propellers have to be in the water to test the battery because it uses the water as a conductor.  We are starting the bidding price below our actual cost and will sell it to the highest bidder with no guarantee that the battery will work.  Again we are including it because it is likely that it may that would only add to the value.  When bidding you should bid assuming you may need a new battery so that you don't bid higher and then be dissapointed if it does not work.  I owned one of these for my own use and these are really cool.  They are very fast.  I don't recall if I've ever seen one quicker this size.  I have read several reviews on them and they are all high.  We are selling it new with all original parts but no guarantee on the battery. 

This is going to be a great deal for someone.

Second note:  Please understand that there are no warrantees on remote control cars and boats due to the nature of the item and the abuse they often take.  We are starting the bid low, so please bid only what you think is fair for a non-refundable item.

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