We save you money in this area by not inflating our purchase price to add a warranty. If you want a warranty, we do offer them. Just contact the seller. The following information details the conditions of purchase for items we sell. All of the items we sell are new. We offer items as the lowest prices available to direct customer purchases. We eliminate several layers by purchasing direct from the manufacturer or importer. This saves a lot of money that normal retailers spend on brick and mortar stores. We purchase, sell then ship from our wholesale warehouse direct to the customer. This saves you money. In selling this way there is also the elimination of unwanted costs relating to extended warranties that most retail operations charge every customer. In other words, every customer who buys from a retail store actually pays for the warranty of an item in the purchase price they pay. When you purchase from us, you don't pay warranty charges. We do offer service guarantees though. Please review the Exchange and Refund Policy for details on our service policies. Keep in mind that buying from us gives you the best value price for the item you purchase. We are not selling you a purchase warranty required with your purchase. However, If you are interested in purchasing a warranty from us for your item, please contact us using the contact button and we will extend an offer to purchase a warranty to you as an individual. Our basic policy is that it is not fair to require everyone to pay for warranties. Only those who opt to do so can buy it.